Himachal Pradesh Tour Guide

Christened as the “Abode of Snow”, Himachal Pradesh on the northwestern India offers plethora of pristine attractions for the tourists worldwide. Those who love spending holidays by retreating in the lap of nature can find Himachal as their paradise. Nestled ventrally, in a place surrounded by snow-draped mountains, Himachal Pradesh is the true representation of savor serenity amidst the extremity of nature. Himachal Pradesh Tour Guide

What to see in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh unfolds the unusual flavor of nature in earth. However, the leading destinations of Himachal Pradesh are described below.

Dalhousie- It is a famous hill resort and popular worldwide. Stationed in the western part of Himachal Pradesh, Dalhousie is encompassing five different hills called Balun, Tehra, Kathlog, Patreyn and Bakrota. Amidst charming colonial architecture, you can enjoy visiting small and beautiful churches.

Kullu Valley- Revered as the Valley of Gods, Kullu is situated on the Beas riverbank, in the lap of the lower Himalayas. The paradise for nature lovers, Kullu houses a myriad of well-known ancient temples. Among the other attractions of Kullu, include various festivals and apples orchards. Kullu has also garnered its fame from its excellent handicraft work and woolen work of puhla, shawl, patoos, caps and namdas.

Spiti Valley- It is widely known as the Little Tibet due to its varied vegetation, terrain and climate, which corresponds to the climate of Tibet. Spiti is also referred as the Middle Country.

Lahul Valley- The vast green dales of Lahul valley are the chief attractions here. Although the region remains covered with snow for most part of year, roads are closed from late October to early May. Patten Valley and Sri Trilokinath temple and other Buddhist monasteries are the special attractions here.

Accommodations available in Himachal Pradesh

There are plenty of Hotels and restaurant in and around District headquarter as well as in the main tourist places. You can also find rest houses of Himachal Pradesh PWD at places where it is hard to find hotels. The best part about such accommodation is that you can avail these at minimal rates. However, for five star options, you have to spend a little more.

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