Indian Railways Timetable

Indian Railways, revered as the backbone of Indian traveling has been offering services to people for last 150 years. To bring Indian railway much to the service of people the Ministry of Railway in India has introduced a handy Indian train timetable, comprising of train names along with the numbers and destination stations. Such a distinct elaboration helps to find the actual timings of the trains easily.

This timetable does not specify all train stoppages, but the main stations are mentioned. The Indian railways timetable offers a useful and convenient guide for domestic and international tourists at the same time. The Indian rail timetable presents a complete information regarding the arrival and departure of trains, daily services, pantry car accessibility and many more.

Ministry of Railways, India has recently announced that the updated and lately published Indian Rail Time Table will be referred as “Trains at a Glance (TAG)”. The timetable has come into effect from July, 1st 2010. Along with the mainstream Indian Railways, sixteen zonal Railways have also announced their new Indian train timetable, which has also come to effect from July 1st, 2010.

For your convenience, here is a systematic instruction regarding how to follow the Indian Railways Time table.

Using the Station Index- Using the station index, you can easily determine the arrival and departure of time of the train

  • In the website and the Indian railway timetable booklet, you will find the station index, and the details related to the destinations in an alphabetical order.
  • Main stations have many destination stations under them. You will find table numbers mentioned along destination stations. The numbers of trains connecting these stations are also mentioned for your convenience.
  • If you do not find the destination station mentioned in the list, it would be mentioned opposite to originating station.
  • Chose the relevant table and then select the most convenient train for yourself.

Making use of Train Number Index- Know how to use train number index, because it will help you to understand the timetable.

  • In the timetable booklet, the train numbers index contains all the numbers of trains in ascending order along with the names of trains. Also check out the tale number mentioned alongside.

Making use of Train Name Index- Find the train name index in the timetable booklet or in the website of IRCTC.

You will find the specific train name in the train name index. Your job is to locate the train number and go to the corresponding table number given alongside.

Making use of Route Map with Table Numbers- Route map of the Indian Railways makes determining timetable easily.

  • Go to the Page 8 of Route Map and find your departure station.
  • Now trace the route to your destination.
  • The numbers alongside the routes are the table numbers.

The new and updated timetable seems to be very useful for both domestic as well as international passengers. Learn about Indian train schedule and plan your trip today.

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