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IRCTC has introduced special schemes for all the leading trains to provide the tourists a complete solution of hassle free travel. Tatkal is one of the leading trains that come under the IRCTC. The introduction of ‘Tatkal’ Scheme by Indian Railways and the thorough maintenance of the scheme appear to be highly beneficial for those who have to travel in emergency. Initially, there was hardly any scheme, which could cater to the persons in necessity. ‘Tatkal’ reserved a good number of seats in order to cater to the emergency reservation scheme.

By availing the ‘Tatkal’ emergency ticket scheme, you can take the advantage of emergency traveling in more than 100 trains throughout India. Tatkal Reservation is the only scheme that is applicable to such a huge number of trains all over India.

You can avail the “Tatkal Booking Scheme” by following very easy steps. Under this scheme, you can book their tickets in just 2 days before the actual date of journey, excluding the date of journey, according to the clause of 01/08/2009. The booking for ‘Tatkal’ starts at 08:00 hrs IST two days before the actual date of journey.
Charges of Ticket Reservation under “Tatkal Emergency Scheme”
Regarding the ticket charges under Tatkal Scheme, Ministry of Railway has fixed a certain percentage of the actual fare at the rate of 10% of basic fare for second class and 30% of basic fare for all other classes. However, these fares are subject to minimum and maximum charges according to the distance you travel.

Do remember the following before going for ‘Tatkal Scheme’

  • ‘Tatkal’ bookings are available for all other classes but not for First AC
  • Executive Class of Shatabadi Express train now is included under the supervision of Tatkal facility.
  • Tatkal tickets can be customized according to the actual distance of travel, and not on the end-to-end basis. This rule is subject to the distance restriction applicable to the train.
  • Identity proof is not required under ‘Tatkal’ scheme in any case.
  • You cannot apply for Ladies and General quota separately once you have the ‘Tatkal’ quota.
  • Check out the ‘Tatkal’ quota from before, since some trains, class, or locations do not come under the jurisdiction of ‘Tatkal’ quota.
  • There is no concession in the ‘Tatkal’ booking, not even to senior citizens.
  • The delivery time for ‘Tatkal’ tickets remains the same like normal tickets, so it is recommended to book tickets considering the delivery time.
  • Change of name is not allowed on the bookings made under this scheme.
  • If you cancel your booking in any circumstances, you well receive an amount of 25% of total fare charged on non-confirmed ticket (excluding Tatkal Charges). The ticket can only be cancelled up to 24 hrs before the scheduled time for the departure of train. No refund would be available on the confirmed ‘Tatkal’ tickets, if these were cancelled within 24 hrs of the scheduled departure.

So traveling under Tatkal Scheme is hassle free and secured. Plan your booking under Tatkal Scheme today.

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