Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd, abbreviated as IRCTC is the brainchild of the Ministry of Railways, India. With a noble aim of presenting Indian railway in a more polished way, the entire catering and tourism activity of the railways has been squeezed into the new Corporation. The basic purpose of the Corporation is to professionalize and upgrade the already available services with public-private participation. According to the Ministry of Indian Railway, IRCTC will impart a special value to the Rail based Tourism in India, and at the same time, accomplish high growth at rapid pace, with a coordinating companionship offered by the state agencies, tour operators, travel agents and the hospitality industry. To achieve the customer satisfaction at its best, a dynamic marketing strategy is adopted with public and private agencies, tour operators, transporters, hoteliers and local tour promoters in association. Today, IRCTC encompasses global volumes in hospitality and catering sectors catering to13 million passengers every day.
Mission and Vision of Indian IRCTC
ITCTC has been set up by the Government to achieve enhanced customer service and excellent facilitation in catering, travel and hospitality. However, more specifically, the mission and the vision of IRCTC can be pointed out on the following heads.
  • Making Indian rail customer friendly, through constant innovation, technology driven and human resource development
  • Increasing productivity through quality product vending and resource optimization and all the more by increasing manpower
  • Consolidating catering services in the organized sector
  • Achieving public private relationship through maximizing generation of resources
  • Making Indian Railway an emerging service sector
  • Achieving quality management and cost control measure
Railway Tourism has witnessed excellent growth in India. Right from IRCTC’s inception, the government has adopted active steps along with the tour operators for providing exclusive tour packages across the country. IRCTC offers train charters, coaches as well as reserved berth programs through regular trains on order to meet tourism purposes. With these facilitating arrangements, the Government of India has been able to provide excellent hospitality to over 50,000 persons.
Internet Rail Reservation in IRCTC
IRCTC brings the most convenient way for ticket availability at the doorstep throughout the country. This facility is already available in the metro cities of India, at Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Mumbai. The authority is aspiring and pitting incessant efforts to avail this facility to Hyderabad, Pune and Ahmedabad and other major cities. After consolidation at these centers, further development will also be achieved at the major towns. For more information in this regard, you can avail the IRCTC web enabled reservation site
Food Plazas
These days, IRCTC has set up plans to build up over 50 multi-cuisine food plazas at major railway stations throughout the country. With a polished and most contemporary decor , air conditioned ambience and round the clock operation Food plazas set up by IRCTC will offer you competitive pricing.
Call Center
IRCTC has recently inaugurated a Call Center, to clarify all your doubts that may crop up regarding the journey. By dialing 139 from anywhere in the country, you get all information from Indian Railways.

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