Railway Reservation Forms

To avail the Indian Railways for your travel, you need to fill a reservation form. A reservation form is the important part of the Railway reservation.

There are 17 regional railway zones in India and in any one of them, your reservation form will be. However, you won’t be too much essential to mark this section, since your do not know in which of these zones, your money will be going. However, if you are a doctor, you should mark the regional section. The reason is that, if it is known that in which section you are traveling, then you can be asked for any medical help if required in this region. In this way, you can enjoy a discount on the train fare. You should be an “Allopathic” Doctor and carry a copy of the registration certificate issued by the Indian Medical Council, to avail the 10% reduction in the fare.

Men & Women aged 60 and above get a 30% reduction in basic fare on all Mail as well as Express & Rajdhani or Shatabdi trains; the 30% discount only applies to basic fare, not the total fare; For reservation charge, Superfast charge, or safety charge, there is no discount offered. This facility is extended to the foreigners as well. Therefore, fill the section of the reservation form, which is dedicated for the senior citizens. For availing the senior citizen discount, you have to write the word YES in the box. As your age proof, the passport will be ideal. Check out the details required for availing the senior citizen discount in the official website of Indian Railways.

Always remember that there will not be much space allotted in the reservation form to put all the names of the train. To avoid this inconvenience, you can do the following. If a train is called “Ahmedabad Howrah Express’ and you will be travelling towards Howrah, just put ’Howrah Exp.’ (train number 8033)

Mentioning the date of journey is an important part of the reservation form. While entering the date of the journey, you must use the British style Day, Month, Year; for example 20/01/11 and not the American style Month before Day.

While putting the details of journey in the reservation form, take special care of the train’s route. Find out carefully, when the train actually departs from the scheduled station to its destination. Make sure that you are very aware of the timetables while filling the forms.

Classes of travel on Indian trains are an important part of the reservation form of Indian railways. The abbreviations on the left (1A, 2A etc.) are the ones used in the ’all India’ ’Trains. All the classes are mentioned in the reservation forms. Therefore, you will never have any problem, while filling the forms. You just have to write the abbreviation of the class in which you want to travel, next to the word ’Class’ on the reservation form.

Following these instructions will help you to fill the reservation forms of Indian Railways without any hassle.

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