Railway Ticket Booking

IRCTC brings to you, a complete technology –oriented and convenient mode of railway ticket booking. It is the only platform that provides the facility of E-ticket booking and hotel booking at the same time, and provides a complete solution for tourism.

The best part of E-ticket booking facility offered by IRCTC, is that cancellation of the rickets can also be done online with a nominal fee charged Rs. 20 and the rest of the amount will be refunded with a balance to the credit card account.

IRCTC.com, maintained by the Ministry of Railway, India, offers the safest and dependable platform, when it comes to the booking tickets online by using your credit card. When fraudulent activities increasing day-by-day pose a threat to the convenience of online ticket booking, IRCTC offers the most secured opportunity to help you and at the same time, it offers competitive pricing. If you are very skeptic regarding booking tickets online using the credit card, then you can do it safely with IRCTC.com. Apart from being secured, it is fairly easy to book tickets online.

Online Ticket booking offered by IRCTC alleviates the tiresome job to stand in the queues to wait for your turn to buy tickets. With IRCTC.com, ticket booking online today is now just a click of a mouse. Ticket booking online helps to book all your tickets hassle free and at the same time helps, you save much on the ticket brokers commission as well. Apart from providing very reasonable rates, IRCTC offers cost effective special tourist offer packages. You can save around Rs.5000 by hiring the tourist package offered by the IRCTC.

Hotel booking is another facet of railway ticket booking service offered by the IRCTC, to provide the customers a complete solution of tourism. For cancellation of hotel booking as well as the tickets, the agents charged around 50 % of the ticket value for cancellation, while IRCTC charge only a minimal amount of Rs. 20. In this way, IRCTC.com is a great avenue for normal passengers to book ticket directly without having to pay any extra charges or wait for hours in the queue. To book a ticket or hotel from the online portal of IRCTC, you will need a credit card and you will have the ticket delivered to your inbox. You can take a print out of the ticket before you board the train.

Nowadays, IRCTC offers you the convenience of booking tickets as well as hotels via debit card, however, initially one could buy tickets online by using credit cards only. Today, one can make the best use other cards like ITZ card to book tickets online with IRCTC.com. Nevertheless, using the Credit card is one of the most easiest and convenient way to book my tickets with IRCTC.com
While booking tickets, you will be given step-by-step directions about the complete process of using tickets. Then you will be asked to make payments. You just have to enter the required number of your card and the ticket will be mailed at your inbox.

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