Rajdhani Trains

Rajdhani Express Trains are known to be one of the Elite long distance trains, connecting Indian capital New Delhi (christened as Rajdhani) with important cities and state capitals of India. What makes Rajdhani so special is its capability to reach the destination in an overnight journey. Revered as one of the fastest train services in India, Rajdhani trains travel at an average speed of 80 to 140 Kms per hour.

Introduced in the year 1969, the Rajdhani trains are projected to provide fast and comfortable means to transport between New Delhi and other distant cities in India. The first Rajdhani Express train was introduced between New Delhi and Howrah stations. The train covered a distance of 1,445 km in 17 hours 20 minutes.

Facilities in Rajdhani Express trains

Rajdhani, one of the Elite Trains in India offers a slew of five star facilities throughout the journey. Most of its standard facilities are described below.

  • The trains are fully air-conditioned trains with a minimum number of commercial and technical halts throughout and at the same time, a reduced travel time is required.
  • To add to the comfort level, passengers are supplied with cost-effective meals and snacks on board. Accordingly, with the train time, the travelers are served with morning tea, breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Bottled drinking water is provided in addition to this.
  • You will be provided with 110 V AC power points for connecting laptops and charging mobile phones on board.
  • To provide premier luxury, the fare of Rajdhani is definitely higher than the equivalent AC coaches, but what it provides are of high quality.

Train Coaches Of Rajdhani

Most Rajdhani trains have three classes of accommodation, AC first class, AC second Class or AC two-tier and AC three tiers. The AC first Class comprises of two or four berth coups, the Second Class AC sleeper coaches include curtains for privacy, however, the AC three tier coaches, which were introduced a few years back to reduce ticket cost has open system of berths without curtains. AC chair cars are available in some trains.

Facilities According to the Classes of Trains

AC Three Tier- Traveler of these coaches will be given clean pillows, two white bed sheets, blanket and hand towel, Wet facial tissue or hot towel roll on train boarding , power points for charging laptops and mobiles, periodical cleaning of toilets & passageway, security at its best.

AC Two Tier- Travelers of these coaches are provided with all the above mentioned facilities, with curtains added for privacy.

AC first class

Apart from those mentioned above, you will be given, increased level of privacy with lockable cabins for 4 passengers, individual reading lights, more choices on foods. They are given to choose from different menu. Apart from that, they are provided with floor mats, carpets, spacious interiors, high comfort level with stewards at your call.

Rajdhani Trains in India

Presently, Indian Railways has 21 pairs of Rajdhani Express trains. Most of the leading cities are served by more than one Rajdhani Express trains.

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