Seat Availability on Indian Railways

Seat availability in Indian railways features a unique system with certain attributes and criteria for reservation. Seats in the Trains can be categorised into several sections and is subject to the availability of tickets in the railways.

Here is the major components discussed which rules the unique system of Indian Railway seat availability:

RAC – Reservation Against Cancellation- This is a system, according to which an individual can get ticket but cannot actually have a reservation for a berth. In this way, the RAC ticket holders can board a reserved coach in a train but can only have the privilege of seat reservation. A RAC ticket holder can have the complete berth only in cases when some other reserved ticket is cancelled. If in case there are no cancellations , then two tickets holders of RAC can gave the opportunity to share the same berth for sitting throughout the journey.

WL – Wait List- Under this system, the ticket holder will not be given any reserved booking regarding either any sitting accommodation or complete birth reservation. With a WL ticket, you cannot board the train in any circumstances. This is because WL ticket can be cancelled in any situation and then the person with RAC ticket gets a reserved conformation. If any individual cancels his or her reservation, then only a Wait List candidate can have the reservation confirmed. In this condition, he or she can board the train and have a reserved sitting accommodation.

RLWL – Remote Location Wait List- This system can also be names as ‘Road-Side Location Waiting List’. Under this system, the RLWL tickets comprises if the certain quotas of ticket that is intended for specific transitional stations on the route. In such a system, the ticket holder can get tickets from an intermediate station to the destination point or between two intermediate stations. The waitlist in this quota only gets reserved if there is any ticket cancellation between these intermediate stations.

PQWL – Pooled Quota Wait List- Under the PQWL ticket or seat reservation system, the passengers can book tickets from the originating station to any intermediate station or from midway station to the termination station. The reservation quota is shared systematically in a specified region between several small stations existing in the route.

REGRET/WL- This system is intended for the emergency purpose. In case there is shortage of seats, Indian Railways offer RAC to ensure that more number of people can travel. At times, this number increases and the problem crops up with no place left for assuring sitting accommodation, and at that time, waitlist number is offered to the passenger. If this waitlist number reaches a maximum defined point, the railway reservation system stops issuing more reservation in any regards. The reservation status of that specified train in a certain route shows REGRET, which implies that no more booking is permitted.

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