South India Tour Package

The entire Southern India is revered as one of the most beautiful and alluring tourist destinations on the plains of India. Amidst the vast expanse of sea and long, pristine beaches, you can have your most pleasurable holidays. This year, you can plan a long holiday in the sea beaches of coastal south India.South India Tour Package

What to see in South India

South India’s special attraction is the architectural uniqueness as well as excellence, represented by temples. These artistic structures exude the aroma of traditional India during the reign of the leading maharaja’s here. It also introduces you with the architectural talent of the contemporary Indian craftsmen and at the same time represents the patronization of the kings for which art and architecture was flourished so widely.

The most coveted interest in South India is the Dravidian architecture, which is distinctly different from the rest of India. The most obvious and significant tourist attraction here is the gopuram perched on every temple entrance. This is characteristic feature of every South Indian Temple, which is a stepped, steeply rising pyramid carved with layer upon layer composed of fantastically intricate designs and brightly painted statues.

Among the leading historical temples in South India includes Mamallapuram (7-9th century) and Hampi (14-16th century), Jewish synagogue in Kochi. However, it leaves no doubt that the most visited and active pilgrimage site today are Tirupati. Tourists and devotees across the world come to visit it. Madurai, which has been operating continually for over 2,500 years, is one of the most visited pilgrimage and shopping destination in recent years.

However, the most special attraction in South India, apart from the beautiful temples is the south Indian food. Being less spicy and tasty at the same time, dhosas and idly are coveted by a lot of people.

Accommodation in South India

There is no dearth of comfortable accommodation in South India. You will find a number of budget hotels as well as five-star hotels in and around South India. Moreover, every state has government guesthouses, which can be availed at much lower price. You can also make your booking in advance, in case you deem it necessary.

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