Train Schedules

Indian Railways is the leading name among the largest rail networks of the world. Owned solely by the Government of India, Indian railway transports over 13 million passengers every day. Indian Railway is regarded as the lifeline of the nation and it covers more than 63,000 kilometers of tracks and encompasses over 7,000 train stations across the country of India. If you are planning for a trip via Indian Railway, it is important to get complete details about the trains. With the help of internet, you can now check out the train schedules from the comfort of your home. Follow these steps given below and start planning your trip today.

Find Train Times by Phone or Online

If you do not have the convenience of internet, you can get the train schedules via phone. The call center executives of Indian Railways are available in 011 (+91) 7070 676747. You can also visit the Web site of Indian railway to find the train schedule. The resources below can help you in this regard.

  • In the website of Indian Railway, you can find a PDF file named “How to use the Timetable”. Your job is to download and get a print of the PDF file. The PDF file is listed under the “Contents” header.
  • Read the PDF file and decide if you are looking for the necessary table numbers using the “Station Index,” “Station Code Index,” “Train Number Index,” “Train Name Index” or the “Destination” listing pages.
  • After you filter your search in the PDF file and the appropriate PDF file in front of your eyes, download the appropriate PDF from the “Table Index” list. The PDF file is available in the website’s home page or in the index page.
  • Now, it is time to read carefully the given instructions for each index, which are written in English on the first page.
  • You can now find which table numbers you need from these indexes. After you locate the table number from the drop-down menu on the Web site’s main page, find the table numbers that gives direction to your travel route.
  • If you deem it necessary, you can refer to the “How to Use the Timetable” document. It will help you to get the train times listings without any error.

Use an Online Route Map to Find Train Times

Often an online route map helps you to find the train schedules very easily. In order to find an online map, you can visit the Indian Railways Web site. Here, you will find the “Route Map with Table Numbers” in a PDF format at the main page or the home page of the Website. Print it out for reference. Locate your travel route on the map. Now find out the route numbers listed in the boxes. Here you will find a drop-down menu, where you need to make a selection of the train numbers available on the route of your journey. Finally, get a print out of the appropriate tables and select your train number.

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