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Revered as the backbone of travel and tourism in India, IRCTC maintained by the Ministry of railways in India offers the cheapest train tickets in the world. The country with second highest population offers a series of exciting tourist spot and the IRCTC is there to cater all the travel and tourism demands of people. The Ministry of railway brings to you the cheapest E-tickets for train.

With the drastic change in the reservation system of Indian railways, many new developments have been made. E-tickets or tickets booked online definitely add a new dimension in the updated version of railway reservation. Till the end of 80’s, the train seats reservations implied standing in a long queue and waiting for the time to come. Moreover, it was not even assured that you would get seats reserved when your turn comes. The system of E-ticket has alleviated all the inconveniences of manual ticket booking.

The computerized booking system was introduced in the country in 1986. The first centre of computerized system was the country capital New Delhi. Computerized booking makes the system of ticket reservation easy and quick bit it does not alleviate the manual labor completely. With the passage of time, there was a complete change in the ticketing system of the various cities in India. Indian railways now have its own website, which is useful enough and at the same time supports online booking of ticket as well as the transaction of booking fare. You can now get complete information regarding the status and accessibility of their trains conveniently through the website.

Now the system of railways tickets booking has been thoroughly altered, which ensures ease and convenience to the passengers all over the country. The most important thing is that one can now book the Indian rail tickets from the comfort of your home just by a click of mouse. The system of online booking appears as a blessing for the people who stay very busy as hardly have time to get the tickets of their desired train from the ticket counter.

There is also the system of booking the tickets through travel agencies. Your travel agent can book your tickets online. In this way, you can approach the agent and get the tickets booked according to the requirement. Thus, the traditional system of people standing in long queues for booking of the tickets is no more in vogue.

There are two types of tickets available for online booking. These are E-tickets and I-tickets, offered by the Indian Railways. If you are booking an E-ticket, you will find Indian train ticket flashing on the screen after the confirmation, the print out of this ticket is to be taken out. To book this ticket, you must carry your photo identity card along with the print out the tickets. I-tickets are a bit different, which can be booked in advance. You need to provide some of personal details while filling an I-Ticket form. Also, some extra fee is charged for these tickets.

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