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Technology and advanced communication has facilitated travel agents enormously. With the advent of the internet, travel agencies are able to expand business and provide great a many facilities to the people desirous of traveling. The impact of Low Cost Carriers for online travel agents is enormous. Low cost carriers have benefitted online booking and and has also greatly affected the the hotel industry. Travel agents cheap air fare can be provided as a result of the decreasing air prices and opportunities available. More and more people are willing to travel through the globe. Online travel agencies offer extra services like online travel blogs, Indian railways reservations, agency discussion boards, review sites and social networks.

There are specialized travel agents software available that can save a lot of time while helping one make more money. Desktop marketer is one such software. These software’s deliver instant message on the desktop of to regular travel special clients where they cannot miss it. If a travel agent wants to promote about the latest trip that they are offering they can do so by sending out a whole series of messages through special software’s.

Travel Agents Online Travel agents offering a niche specialty have valuable information that potential customers are eager to read. Writing free e-books that can be distributed easily over the Internet is a great way to develop ones business. E-Book Pro lets you capture the name and email from everyone who reads the e-book. Mail loop is another kind of software allows a travel agent to create unlimited auto responders, publish own email newsletter, and keep in contact with thousands of customers.

IATA (The International Air Transport Association) is an international association of airline carriers that also associates travel agencies and tour operators engaged in business in aviation. Airline aviation travel IATA agents are offered a unique numeric code which enables instant recognition for each and every travel agency location.

Apart from that it also offers access to airline members’ inventory and ticketing worldwide. Fares of cheap long distance for travel agents compel them to reduce their profit margins and it’s making small travel agents redundant especially for the frequent traveler individuals.

Online bookings and Indian railway online reservation has impacted the travel agencies in a major way and hence more and more travel agencies are realizing the benefits of online bookings and making them available over the net.

Most travel agencies are now launching their travel portal for air bookings, hotel and car rentals. Most travel agencies are now placing importance to group booking and offering niche holiday packages to break away from the clutter and offer customized services to the customer.
The online travel industry has generated revenue of more than eight hundred million dollars and is sure to grow with the time to come. Hence it is in benefit for the travel agents to make themselves available online.

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